Women of The Weather Channel

The women of The Weather Channel are fiercely intelligent and bold and are trailblazers in the field of meteorology! They bring an unparalleled amount of expertise to the network, and without them The Weather Channel wouldn’t be where it is today. Today, and every day, we celebrate our Women in Weather and their accomplishments. They’re an inspiration to millions of females who are, or will be, working in STEM fields. Let’s hear it for our awesome ladies!

Learn about how awesome and groundbreaking each female meteorologist at The Weather Channel is by checking out their personalized articles!

Stephanie Abrams

Stephanie is such an inspiration when it comes to not just understanding the science of meteorology, but explaining it in a fun way. When she says that the atmosphere is like a hamburger, it helps to visualize the many layers of the atmosphere and why certain kinds of weather happen. – Kelly Cass

Liana Brackett

Liana started as a forecaster in meteorology – a very male-dominated field – and then went on to work in local TV and The Weather Channel. She’s proof that hard work is the way to follow your dreams. – Jen Carfagno

Jen Carfagno

Jen is encouraging and dedicated to uplifting other female scientists, making them excited to pursue meteorology, which admire so much about her. – Liana Brackett

Kelly Cass

Kelly proves you can do it all! She’s an awesome person, great mom and fantastic scientist! – Alex Wilson

Felicia Combs

Felicia is especially talented at explaining scientific concepts in comforting words that the general public can understand. Communication is everything. If people don’t understand their risk, they are unlikely to take action that could be life saving. – Jacqui Jeras

Jacqui Jeras

Jacqui is such an asset to guiding women in STEM. She’s diverse and knowledgeable and not afraid to lead the way in weather coverage no matter what the conditions. – Felicia Combs

Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson brings a lot of fun and science to The Weather Channel family. Her down to earth style helps people understand complicated topics.  – Jen Carfagno


In conclusion, females in STEM rock. Women in weather everywhere rock. The women of The Weather Channel rock. Females can look to these seven women and feel encouraged to pursue careers that involve science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and know that they can succeed!

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  1. Hello everyone Happy New Year 🎊 wow the weather is Krazy everywhere huh 🤪 watching weather channel and of course Alex is Looking SoSoSo HOTT in that Red dress & black leggings OooWee 😝 she’s a HOTTIE in anything she wears 🤔 ok Happy New Year everyone 🎉

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  5. Hello everyone Deano here😁 in Colorado. Wow the weather is so Krazy every where 😝 I also would like to ad That Mz Jacqui is a GORGEOUS KNOCK OUT 🤔 and Mz Alex is a GORGEOUS KNOCK OUT as well. Stay safe everyone 😎

  6. Hello everyone just got in from a Chilly Day here in Colorado 😁 watching The Weather channel as usual lol also as always Alex is looking GORGEOUS in that Purple dress today🥴 such a Total HOTTIE 😍 she is.

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  10. I watch the Weather Channel daily, I work in Construction so the plays a big role in my Career lol. and there is a lot of very good shows on it as well, I would also like to add I think Alex Wilson is a Total HOTTIE 😁 lol

  11. I am an aspiring meteorologist who has been granted admission into a meteorology program at Virginia Tech. Ever since I was little, I have been inspired by the men and women that I saw everyday on the Weather Channel. I would grab my little microphone and speak into it, like I was reporting the actual thing, to my mother or my toys. Throughout the years of school, I have changed my dream career path many times going from zoologist to pilot, and then a Firefighter/EMT; however, my love for the weather never left, and the thrill of a storm rolling into my neighborhood was sometimes the highlight of my entire day. Being a women, I am scared of going in a field that is dominated by men, but sometimes I feel like because I am scared that I will work even harder and dominate for myself. Names like Jim Cantore, Alex Wilson, Mike Bettes, Greg Postel, Dr. Greg Forbes, and so many other names I could mention are the ones, regardless of gender, that raised me to love the weather. I can only hope that in the future I will be able to meet each everyone one of these people. I want to be able to stand and work alongside them and learn what it is like follow mother nature to the far ends of the Earth, and learn what it is like to inspire the next generation after me.
    Thank you Weather Channel, because you have raised someone that will one day be apart of your wonderful organization.

  12. I have a colossal message for those who post discriminatory messages against the women of The Weather Channel. Those women are proud to be scientists, mathematicians, and (most of all), meteorologists. They have bachelor’s degrees and are certified broadcasters. They use both mathematics and science daily to make the finest weather forecasts possible to help us plan out our days. They also save our lives, especially during life-threatening severe weather of any season. They are the role models for fledgling ladies regardless of age. They likewise motivate and inspire us to pursue a STEM career and keep our dreams alive. @stephanieabrams, @liana-brackett, @haleybrennan, @kcass, @dewpointdiva, and @alexwilson are impeccable examples of those characteristics. Let us celebrate all women in science, especially those in meteorology. Thank you! #girlpower #womeninSTEM 😀 💐💕

  13. Alex sucks, when she is on I turn the channel. She is so “see me, like me” it comes across as phony and fake. Get rid of her or educate the insecure female!

  14. As a female meteorology major, it is great to see so many inspiring women in meteorology! Thank you for being positive role models we can all look up to!

  15. Almost forgot, for those of you who want to learn MORE about women scientists, there are books on women scientist contributions to the early days of NASA, aviation, artic exploration. I suggest beginning with seeing the movie HIDDEN FIGURES, and purchase the book of the same name.

  16. I believe that The Weather Channel ladies are dressed fine. Perhaps they actually WANT to show off their knees. Perhaps they actually WANT to wear dresses instead of slacks. Instead of worrying about what TWC staff wears and does not wear, perhaps we should be grateful that they (both the men and the women) are on the air giving us the expertise, the knowledge, and the devotion that we need when it comes to WX. If there are any pay discrimination issues, I am quite certain that TWC ladies are quite capable of dealing with the situation accordingly. The fact that they ARE meteorologists demonstrates high intellect and the capability of thinking for themselves (as opposed to the feminist doctrine that all women should think the exact same way). Indeed, extreme political philosophies, bias research…WHATEVER,  have no place in meteorology, or in any of the other sciences, for that matter. And, as a guy, I will definitely end my post by saying that I think that ALL of TWC ladies, are delightful, gorgeous, and quite a few of them take the time to answer my tweets concerning WX. It doesn’t get any better than that in WX.

  17. This is like the best thing ever. I’m a 14 year old girl who has always wanted to be a broadcast meteorologist, specifically at the Weather Channel, and this is very inspiring. Thank you! I wish I could meet all of the meteorologists, they all seem like such amazing people.

    1. Amen to that for sure, iifrigidfire! I wish that I could meet all the meteorologists at The Weather Channel, especially all the women. #wxladiesrockallthetime 😀

  18. thank you very much ladies/do you need a dedicated person to run your mail or empty garbage cans? thanks ladies, I really enjoy all your information

  19. *Welcome, Erika *, So happy to see the women wearing dresses while working on the Weather Channel. I feel all the ladies do a very good work doing their job! A tribute to the women was a very good thing for them to be recognized. Jen Rodriguez is another interesting lady like the rest of the female meteorologists. “You go Ladies” Your work is equal to the male meteorologists counterparts on TV. I love you guys, keep rolling those news in.

  20. For all fellow weather geeks like me, I wish that we not only have more women in STEM but also witness their dreams come true. This is affirmative when it comes to meteorology, especially at The Weather Channel.

    Female meteorologists prove continuously that they are just as terrific as anybody else. I give all the #wxwomen 10 out 10 stars. I have been a colossal fan and supporter of The Weather Channel; and I hope that you feel that way too. Bring it on! #wxgirlsrule 🙂

  21. I think this is awesome,celebrating the talented women of TWC. All of them are extremely talented & gifted.But Maria Larosa is in a class of her own,I absolutely Love her.

  22. I love it that the gals still dress like gals. I’m a woman and love to see a woman dress like one, especially at work, church, dinners, etc. Leann

  23. Amazing and awesome! I have been watching TWC since the beginning. A lot of talented women have come and gone, but the current group of ladies are very experienced and dedicated! Stephanie has to be my favorite, but they are all amazing!!!!!

  24. Im pleased that The Weather Channel is featuring women this week. Why have’nt you done this before???

    1. I can’t speak to that, Pollyanne, but sometimes the obvious things just make themselves more obvious one day! Make sure you check out Wx Geeks Sunday at noon to see some more about women in meteorology!

  25. My favorites are Kelly, Jen, Stephanie and Alexandra. The whole group is so good it is difficult to single out a few favorites. Keep up the great work.

    1. Marksolson, I also enjoy watching Maria LaRosa, Allison Chinchar, Liana Brackett, Jacqui Jeras, and Orelon Sidney. #wxwomenrule 😀

      I pray that The Weather Channel continues the fantastic zeal and stays on the air for another fifty years (at least). #twcfanforever 🙂

  26. When are you going to rehire Heather Tesco, Kim Cunningham and Kaitlyn Parker? All are good meteorologists that disappeared without reason or explanation, just like Jennifer Delgado.

    1. Davem, we need to bring back both Kait Parker and Heather Tesch to The Weather Channel someday. After all, they were two of my favorite personalities to watch on the air. #younaileditonthemoney 😀

  27. Great programming TWC and hats off to the women of science. Just one more thing to add, my all time favorite commercial is “Show Me The Weather Channel”

  28. You’re celebrating the women on the Weather Channel? Fantastic! Are they paid equally to the men on TWC? And when can they wear slacks to work? Is it in their contracts that they need to show their knees if they’re in the studio? Why is it that the men on Weather Underground are dressed like they’re hanging out in the man cave & the women on WUTV look like they got stood up for a date? And will you celebrate them when they’re older and graying like the men we see onscreen? Just wondering.

    1. What is your problem? There’s nothing wrong with them dressing nice and not sloppy. The men look nice also.

    2. Ouch. I feel like there’s a bit of a sting in some of those comments Cloud9girl 😉 I can only comment on things I know and that’s this: 1) The Weather Channel loves, supports, and celebrates all of our meteorologists no matter their age or gender and 2) The people on WUTV are encouraged to dress a little more casually, but also to be comfortable. After some gentle nudging, some of the men came around to embracing the lack of a tie, but some of the women preferred to remain in their more traditional “weatherperson attire”.

      Your points are well made and are part of the conversation that we’re trying to push forward while we celebrate women in weather (and all of the sciences for that matter). There have been tons of children and young adults on this site who have expressed their passion for weather and we’re excited to see this next wave of “weather geeks” emerge–especially since we’re seeing a much more equitable split between genders than was typical in years past. Thank you for the comments!