Witness the Lunar Event That Hasn’t Happened in 68 Years

This weekend and on Monday night, you’ll be able to witness a celestial event that hasn’t happened in 68 years! The Supermoon hasn’t occurred since 1948 and won’t happen again until 2034, AKA you do not want to miss it!

When the moon orbits the Earth and gets within 90% of its closest approach and is a full moon, it results in a Supermoon. For everyone on the planet no matter where you are, the moon will appear bigger and brighter like you’ve never seen it before! The best times to see the Supermoon are on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night. The peak time to look will be early Monday morning, where the moon will be 14% bigger and 30% brighter. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 10.51.38 AM

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the LRO, that has orbited the moon for 7+ years. It has provided incredible imagery of the moon as well as critical information about it’s changing surface. NASA expected that astronauts’ footprints would last millions of years, but due to findings from the LRO, it seems as if the marks will only last tens of thousands of years.

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 10.54.17 AM

This is the only Supermoon to ever be completely full, which makes it even more special. Plan your sleep schedules accordingly and burn that midnight oil because you will not want to miss out on this incredible lunar event!

Get more details about what to expect from the Supermoon from Reynolds Wolf:

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  1. Please post pictures, as it looks like all I will see from here is clouds and raindrops!

  2. Well I’m located in Cleveland, Ohio and it’s suppose to be clear tonight as well as tomorrow night. I’ve already gotten some pretty decent photos of this SuperMoon this morning when it set, last night, and basically this whole week. It’s gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it on Monday the 14th for the big event. Enjoy all you moon gazers!

  3. Will the Supermoon have on a mask and a cape? Resident 5 year old laughed when I asked him that after reading the headline aloud.

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