This Week in Weather 9/9/17-9/15/17

The biggest weather story of this week was obviously Hurricane Irma and the treacherous path it took through Florida and the southeast. Here are the most compelling facts about the storm.

  • At one point during Hurricane Irma, this is how many people were under various alerts: Total Under Alerts: 18.76 million, Hurricane Warnings: 14.8 million, Hurricane Watches: 3.4 million, Tropical Storm Watch: 560,000
  • On Sunday 9/10, the sun hadn’t even risen & Ft Pierce, FL had already broken their previous rainfall record for the day (1.63″); measuring 3.93″ by 4:00am!​
  • On Sunday 9/10, the Weather STEM unit in Miami recorded a 100 mph gust.
  • This is the 1st time 2 U.S. Category 4s made landfall in one season; 1st time in continental U.S. — 1992 had Iniki (4) in Hawaii as well as Andrew (5).
  • On Sunday 9/10, Naples Municipal Airport reported 83 mph sustained wind with gusts to 115 mph.
  • Irma made landfall 7 times, all as a major hurricane.
  • On Monday 9/11, 26 river gauges were in major flood stage.

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  1. And by tomorrow, a THIRD category 4 or higher hurricane will have made landfall on U. S. soil in one tropical season (Harvey, Texas; Irma, Florida; Maria, Puerto Rico).

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