This Week in Weather 8/12/17-8/18/17

This week in weather we saw a lot of rain, hurricane, and temperature records be broken. Take a look at the most interesting weather facts from the past 7 days below!

  • Hurricane Gert produced waves 4-7 feet in Maine,  6-11 feet in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
  • Aurora, NE received 5.8″ in the span of 24 hours between August 15 and 16.
  • So far this August, water temperatures across the main development region of the Atlantic are so warm they’re trailing only 2010, 2005, and 1998 temperatures.
  • When Gert was named as a Tropical Storm, it brought the Atlantic up to 7 named storms. Only THREE years have had 7 or more named storms by August 13: 1936, 1995, and 2005.
  • Parts of Collier County (Naples, FL county) have seen 35″+ of rain in the past 90 days, w/scattered 40″+ amounts. One pixel of 50″+ near I-75/Golden Gate.
  • Kansas City, MO: Currently having their #1 coolest start to August on record. Halfway through August and they haven’t had a 90° day yet! Only twice they’ve gone an entire August in Kansas City without a 90° day- in 1915 and 1950.
  • Washington DC: Has recorded 13.13″ of rain since June 1… the normal amount for June 1-August 14 is 8.91″. The wet/stormy month has really knocked temps back for D.C.
  • Oklahoma City, OK: As of Thursday, August 17, has had 7 consecutive days with measurable rain. This is the first time this has happened in August since 1917.
  • Hurricane Gert had winds of 105 mph on Wednesday, August 16 and it became the strongest August hurricane north of north of 40°N since Alex (2004).

Comment below if you experienced any crazy weather this week in your area!


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  1. Amazing what will winter bring im predicting at least 3 bad snow storms and averaging below 30 degrees as day time highs last winter we had a snow storm every weekend in December and the day after Christmas it was 51 degrees then almost no snow the rest of the winter and above normal temps we were passed over several times to Wisconsin I live in Woodstock IL just south of Wisconsin and west of Chicago this year winter we will need our snow shovels hats coats and gloves

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