This Week in Weather 6/3/17-6/9/17

Here’s your weekly snapshot of the biggest weather stories across the country for the past several days. Is your city on the list?

  • Billings, MT: Had a high temperature above 80° the first 5 days in June for the FIRST time since records at the airport began in 1934.
  • St. George, UT: High temperature of 101° over the weekend, the first time the station has recorded a high of 100°F or greater this year.
  • La Crosse, WI: Record high of 97° on Saturday, June 3. Earliest 97° or higher reading in the season since 1934.
  • Chicago, IL: First 90° day of the season on Sunday, June 4, soaring to 92°.
  • Marion, OH airport received 0.8″ of rain in 20 minutes with the thunderstorms on Monday, June 5, including 0.38″ in just 6 minutes!
  • Sioux Falls, SD: Saw it’s 3rd 90° of the month on Monday, June 5. They average 4 during the month.
  • Indianapolis, IN: They hit 88° on Monday, June 5 was the warmest day of the year so far. Last day of 88° or higher was September 22.
  • San Antonio, TX: Experienced 100 lightning strikes in 5 minutes Tuesday night, June 6.
  • Miami, FL: Now having their 2nd wettest start to June on record, so in 87 years! (The record wettest first two weeks of June were back in 1930) 
  • Buffalo, NY: The last last 7 day stretch of dry weather was 7 months ago! November 10-18.

Tell us what the weather was like in your area this week in the comments below!

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  1. I have cable TV through and when I turn to The Weather Channel for Local on the 8’s it shows Alamosa, Colorado. I live in Monte Vista. How do I change it to Monte Vista, Colorado on Local on the 8″s?

    1. I have Dishnet and quite often I get to choose my local weather, not the same as Local on the 8’s, but close to the same time. I just hit select on the remote and it gives me all sorts of info. I guess you need to ask Spectrum if they have that option for you. Good luck.