This Week in Weather 6/17/17-6/23/17

Between Tropical Storm Cindy and extremely hot temperatures, this week’s weather kept things busy at The Weather Channel! Here are some interesting weather facts from the past 7 days:

  • Before Bret and Cindy this year, there had only been 3 Atlantic hurricane seasons on record that had 2 concurrent named storms in June: 1909, 1959 and 1968
  • On Sunday, June 18 at 2 p.m. PT, the temperature had risen to 96° at San Francisco Airport and 100° in San Jose. For both sites these were the warmest readings since August 24, 2010 when SFO reached 99° and San Jose 102°. For both sites these were also daily records for June 18, previous for San Jose was 99° in 1945 and 88° in 1981 for SFO.
  • Lubbock, TX: Hit 110°F before the summer solstice. This hasn’t happened in 105 years of records!
  • Caribou, ME: Saw their highest dew point of the year on Sunday, June 18, hitting 67° F.
  • When Tropical Storm Bret was named on Monday, June19, it became the earliest Atlantic MDR named storm on record – prior record was Ana on 6/22/1979.
  • Earliest on record 120°+ for Needles, CA. Today’s 123° was the earliest 120° reading for the site on record. Previous record was set just last year (2016) when 125° was measured on June 20th. Data dates back to 1940.
  • As of 4:07 PM on Tuesday, June 20, McCarran Airport in Las Vegas hit 117! That ties the all time record high for the city.

Was your area impacted by Tropical Storm Cindy or any intense heat? We want to know, so tell us below!

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  1. Here in Baton Rouge, we still have rain, heavy downpours, then sunshine, then rain, repeat. Still, so very glad that it wasn’t training over us. All that water has time to drain away. And, it’s a Free Sauna! 🙂

    1. It has been bone dry here in NorCal. Temperatures come down a little during the week, but peak on the weekends….maybe that’s the “new” trends? Anyway, ground is solid with heat….watering just rolls off so not looking forward to the rains this Winter…..We are also in the midst of a drought so water is limited as it is…makes living hard. You look at your dryness as a “Free Sauna”…..good for you. We have very low humidity which I’m really thankful for…….

      1. A soft, all day, soaking rain. Just what mother nature should give you. Our humidity has been WAY up there, temps high 80s, low 90s. Rain chances actually down, for the next few days.. until the weekend…

  2. Terrible heat in the Sacramento Valley region. The trees are even so stressed that branches are bursting! Very bad air quality and people are asked to stay in and live by the Flex Alerts.

      1. A Flex Alert is when the electrical system is reaching capacity so customers are asked to raise their AC temp and to not use heavy electrical items during peak hours. It’s an effort to keep power going and not crash.

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