This Week in Weather 5/6/17-5/12/17

Weather is wild and keeps us on our toes every day! Here are the craziest facts and stats about weather across the country this week:

  • Tropical Storm Adrian: Now the earliest named storm formation in the NE Pacific on record! Old record is May 14th, Adrian became official Tuesday, May 9th.
  • A 4″ hail stone that fell on Thursday, May 11th over Flippin, Arkansas was the first one recorded since 2015.
  • National Weather Service Albuquerque reported 79 of the 92 t-storm warnings this month were issued within 24 hours this week.
  • Jacksonville, FL and Orlando, FL had forecast highs of 98° on Thursday, May 11th, which is extremely high for this time of year!
  • This week marks the first time the Northeast has been drought- free since April 19, 2016.
  • Many locations across the northeast/New England already having a Top 10 wettest spring, and with more than a month to go!

Did your area experience any crazy weather this week? Let us know below!

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  1. @kathrynprociv, yes, there was softball-size hail in the town of Coyle, Oklahoma; and tennis ball-size of hail in the city of Kingfisher, Oklahoma, on Thursday, May 11th. Both were exactly thirty minutes apart. There was even grapefruit-size hail in Langston, Oklahoma, just five minutes after the giant hail in Coyle. That was crazy! #awhailno 🙁

  2. I had thought early morning severe thunderstorms & tornadoes were rare. Yet yesterday, 5-12, S.E. La. had them again. That’s at least twice this year. Was my thinking ‘rare’ wrong? Or, are these ‘flukes’? Signs of change? Makes an interesting drive to work!

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