This Week in Weather 5/20/17-5/26/17

Wonder what the weather was like across the country this week? We’ve got the details!

  • Montgomery, AL: Smashed the wettest May day on record on Saturday, May 20 with 8.15″, and became the 4th wettest day annually on record.
  • Preliminary rainfall record broken on Monday, May 22 at Lufkin, LA. 2.30″ recorded, breaking the old record of 1.15″ set in 1927. Records date back to 1906.
  • Due to storminess and rain in the northeast on Thursday, May 25, there were hundreds of delays departures/arrivals….1206 at LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark airports combined.
  • On Wednesday, May 24 the latest numbers came in from the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, and the price tag is estimated around $1.4 Billion for the prolific hailstorm that struck the Denver, CO area on May 8!
  • Friday, May 26 is national “Don’t Fry Day” to raise sun safety and skin cancer awareness! Wear sunscreen whenever you’re outside.
  • NOAA predicted the 2017 hurricane season will be above average.

What was the weather like in your city this week? Tell us below!

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  1. nothing exiting happened in Peoria, IL (besides school ending) until the 26 when we had some severe weather!

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