This Week in Weather 5/5/18-5/11/18

Summer is ramping up across the country, and we have the stats to prove it! Check out the most impressive weather facts below.

  • In the early hours of Saturday, May 5, Mt. Washington, NH gusted to 110 mph and 130 mph.
  • 133 locations in the US have hit 90-degrees or higher by Monday, May 7th.
  • Here are cities that have hit 90° so far:
    • Thermal, CA leads the pack with 37
    • Baltimore, MD has the greatest number in the Northeast with 3
    • Fort Myers, FL leads the Southeast with 10
    • Laredo, TX leads the middle of the nation with 23
    • Lewiston, ID and Boise, ID lead the Northwest with 1 a piece
  • Based on data from Iowa State’s website, this year has had the fewest number of tornado and severe watches issued by the SPC in 20 years. This year has only seen 77, as compared to the annual year to date average of 223!

Let us know what sort of weather you experienced this weekend in the comments below!

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  1. Weekend is just starting. This past week has had sunny and mild conditions, fine spring weather but starting to heat up and had a brief light thundershower Thursday evening. Hot over the first part of the weekend, then hopefully much needed rain on Sunday. Have only had 0.13″ of rain so far in May. With a cool early spring and timely rainfall (and even snow on occasion) the ground is adequately moist and the trees have budded and the grass is green and growing fast. But we need rain this month to keep away from potential drought conditions over the usually hot summer around here, way too hot to my liking. Prefer the summer to be cloudy and cool, with frequent rains. Keep the hot weather over the deserts and over the southern areas!

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