This Week in Weather 3/31/18-4/6/18

To sum up this week in weather: It’s spring but the universe doesn’t care. We’re talking extremely frigid wind chills, new record low temperatures, and unprecedented amounts of snow for this late in the year. Check out the most impressive weather facts of the week below!

  • Lincoln, IL shattered, obliterated, destroyed & blew away their record low on Monday, April 2.
    • Their old record for the day was 20° set in 1961… The low this year? 1°!
  • With 5.5″ of snow reported on Monday, April 2, NYC received its heaviest April snow in 36 years. This is only the 10th time that NYC has seen 4″ or more snow on an April day dating back to 1869!
  • The Yankees home opener was snowed out in Monday, April 2. The last time the Yankees had a home opener that was snowed out was April 6, 1982! That game against the Chicago White Sox was rescheduled for 5 days later on the 11th.
  • Winter Storm Wilbur total for Minneapolis, MN: 9.0″ – This is the 8th largest April snowstorm on record for Minneapolis dating back to 1876
  • Tuesday’s snow total came in at 7.5″, making it the 7th snowiest April single-day total.
  • As of Wednesday, March 4 at 8:30a, 4 states made it to 10″ or more so far from Winter Storm Wilbur: MI, WI, SD, MN
  • Mount Washington had a peak wind gust of 120 mph and a wind chill of -46F during the early morning of Thursday, April 5!

Tell us what sort of weather you experienced this week in the comments below!

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  1. Billings, MT is 1 inch away from the all time record snowfall. 102.4 inches as of 4/6/18 record is 103.5 inches with more snow in the forecast, Where is Spring?

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