This Week in Weather 4/21/18-4/27/18

This week marks the 7 year anniversary of the 2011 Tornado Super Outbreak. The 300+ lives lost will always be remembered. Always remember to stay aware and alert of tornado watches and warnings in your area, and educate yourself on what to do during severe weather by watching The Weather Channel and reviewing our Weather Safety page. Here are the weather facts that stuck out the most this past week:

  • On Saturday, April 21, western Oklahoma received over .25” of rain, which was the first time that’s happened in 201 days.
  • According to Dr. Forbes as of Sunday, April 22 at 6:40p, we’re 3% below average for April and 16% below for year in terms of tornado counts:
    • Apr 3    18: IL(5), OH(5), MO(2), KY(5) confirmed; KY(1) preliminary
    • Apr 6    13:  LA(4), MS(8) confirmed; TX(1) preliminary
    • Apr 7     7: LA(5), ID(1) confirmed; GA(1) preliminary
    • Apr 10   3: FL(3) confirmed
    • Apr 13   23: AR(8), TX(2), MO(5), LA(6) confirmed; AR(1), TX(1) preliminary
    • Apr 14   33: LA(13), MS(15), AR(5) confirmed
    • Apr 15   17: GA(1), SC(5), NC(2), VA(4), OH(1), FL(2) confirmed; GA(1), FL(1) preliminary
    • Apr 22   6: LA(1), AL(4), FL(1) confirmed
  • Charleston, SC went into Monday, April 23 down 4.64″ in 2018. They ended up with a record rainfall of 2.55″, wiping out 55% of their deficit. Although just missing a record, Savannah picked up 3.13″ of rain on Monday (record stands at 3.17″) and they took care of 42% of their 2018 deficit to date (7.31″).
  • Atlanta, GA received 4.16″ of rain on Monday, April 23 which ranks as the 3rd wettest April calendar day rainfall on record!
    • #2 April 5, 2017 (4.27″)
    • #1 April 13, 1979 (4.44″)

What sort of weather did you experience this week? Tell us in the comments below!