This Week in Weather 4/22/17-4/28/17

It’s hard to keep up with weather in every part of the country every week, but we’ve got you covered! Take a look at the most shocking weather facts from coast to coast this week:

  • A month’s worth of rain in 1 day: The Charleston, SC area averages 2.91″ of rain during the month of April. on Monday, April 24, up to 3″ fell in the area including Downtown
  • On Sunday, April 23, Ft. Myers, FL picked up  its first 1″+ rain in more than 6 months, since before Matthew swiped the state.
  • Caribou, ME: The 9.8″ of snow so far this April makes it the snowiest April in Caribou since 2011 when 14.3″ fell.
  • More rain than Hurricane Matthew: Raleigh, NC saw 7.45″ of rain in 3 days, ahead of Matthew’s rainfall (6.94″) …they also picked up at least a trace of rain for at least 35 consecutive hours.
  • Blacksburg, VA: Had the 11th day in a row of measurable rain. It is the longest such streak confined in any April since records began in 1952!
  • Charlotte, NC: April is typically our driest month of the year with an average of 3.04″. In 3 days they got that much plus more with 3.36″!
  • On Wednesday April 26, there was a record cold high set in Sisseton, SD. High only reached 33, breaking the old record of 37.
  • Boston, MA: With Wednesday’s rain (April 26), this April now the wettest month they’ve had in over 2 years, since December 2014!
  • Brownsville, TX hit 104 yesterday which tied for the 3rd warmest temperature on record and first 100 degree day set in Brownsville since April 2014.
  • Galveston, TX continues to tally up the records: They tied their record of 84° on Wednesday, April 26, the 68th warm temperature (max or min) record set in Galveston since Nov 1, 2016.

There you have it folks! Tell us about the weather in your area this week below.

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  1. Peoria,IL got 2.1″ of rain on Saturday which continued on till Monday adding to a total 4″ of rain. we had a total of 8.65″ of rain fall in April. this yer we have had about 16″ of rain.