This Week in Weather 3/4/17-3/10/17

Here are this week’s interesting weather tidbits:

  • The active start to 2017 continues: Through March 4, the U.S. has had the most tornado reports year-to-date since 2012. 
  • Washington DC: Just 1.4″ of snow so far this season, ranking them in a Top 10 least snowiest season on record!
  • New York, Philly, and DC had their coldest morning since mid-January on March 5.
  • NYC is just 2.6″ below average season to date, but that may change with Winter Storm Reggie.
  • The last time Nashville, TN picked up more than 1″ of snow in March was 2015.
  • The last time Charlotte, NC picked up more than 2″ of snow in March was 2009.
  • Chicago, IL: Now 81 days since the last 1″ of snow, SMASHING the previous record of 64 days!

Let us know in the comments below if your area had any crazy weather this week!

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  1. Not Crazy weather, but lightning struck nearby & took out the internet, damaged computers & elevators.. HORRORS! Was an awesome show, though!

  2. I certainly hope we get more snow love in the DMV, but we’ll probably get just enough to ruin our cherry blossoms before going straight into a record hot summer with accompanying drought! Not that I’m bitter.

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