This Week in Weather 3/25/17-3/31/17

Stay in touch with what’s going on across the country by checking out the most interesting weather facts of the week!

  • Biggest hail, 4.25″ over Corinth, TX (that’s DVD-sized!) …hail shattered car windows, and home skylights on Sunday 3/26 across the southern Plains.
  • Burlington, VT: Winter 2016-17 is the snowiest since 2010-11.
  • It’s not just tornado reports running above average so far this year, but damaging winds and hail reports too.  Wind and hail reports nearly double the count compared to the average for year-to-date!
  • With just one tornado report across Oklahoma this past weekend (3/25-3/26), states including Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts have had the same number or more tornadoes than OK so far in 2017.
  • As of Thursday 3/30, there has been a foot or more of snow on the ground at Caribou, ME since November 30th for a total of 121 days. This is the longest consecutive stretch with a foot or more of snow on the ground at Caribou. The old record of 120 days was set during the winter of 1968-1969. Weather record began at Caribou in 1939.
  • Thursday 3/30 was the 10th day in a row that Atlanta, GA had at least a ‘high’ pollen count reading.
  • Although it’s almost April, yet Denver, CO and Boston, MA could be wrapping up the 2nd biggest snowstorm of the season for Denver, and 5th biggest snowstorm of the season for Boston.
  • McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, NV reported a 60 mph wind gust, which is the highest wind gust they’ve had since 3/6/2012

Did your city make the list this week? Let us know in the comments below, and tell us if you had any crazy weather in your area!

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  1. I’m in Illinois, almost Wisconsin border…how close to us. Estimated time to be sure to be out!!??? We usually get clouds for all these cool things, got my fingers crossed now that its a clear night!!!

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