This Week in Weather 3/17/18-3/23/18

This week started of with a bang on St. Patrick’s Day and brought waves of extreme weather through the rest of the week. Check out the most impressive weather stats from the past 7 days below:

  • #StPatricksDay snow records!
    Sioux Falls: 7.8″ in 1951
    Sioux City: 5.7″ in 1965
    Huron: 8.1″ in 1989
    Marshall: 7.0″ in 1951
    Yankton: 3.0″ in 1965
  • On Monday, March 19 around 4p, Every major city in the I95 corridor was under a winter storm watch…..  That’s 51 million people under a winter storm watch.
  • On Tuesday, March 20 around 5p, 51 million were under a winter storm warning, including Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston. That’s BIGTIME for the first day of Spring!
  • DC picked up 3″ of #snow in 2 hours (9-11 AM), almost as much as they’ve had so far this season (3.7″) and last season (3.4″).
  • On Wednesday, March 21, a record snowfall of 4.7″ was set in DC as well. This broke the old record of 2.3″ set in 1964.
  • Over the past week there was record-setting large hail for the state of Alabama (Cullman) and we ended the 306 day streak with no EF3+ rated tornadoes in the U.S. Last one was May 16, 2017.
  • Feast or famine for Oklahoma: Northwest Oklahoma is in “exceptional” drought. This area has seen less than one inch of rain over the last FOUR months. ….Compare this to 15-25″ in southeast Oklahoma.
  • The last 30 days in eastern Oklahoma is actually the 2nd wettest on record.
  • When it comes to temps… The first 3 weeks of March in Florida have been 7°F-11°F colder than the entire month of February. This will be the 3rd time since 2000. 2001 and 2013 were previous times.  The 1901-2000 avg. shows February shud be 4.6°F cooler than March. Tampa running ~10° colder this month than February. Philadelphia and Nashville also having a colder March than it was in February!
  • When it comes to snow… For DC, March has been snowier than the “winter” months in four out of the last six years, while in Philadelphia and New York it’s been three of the last six.

What was the weather like in your area this week? Let us know in the comments below!