This Week in Weather 3/18/17-3/24/17

A majority of this week’s craziest facts had to do with cities that had unusually high temperatures and extremely active severe weather… and it’s only March! Take a look at the best weather stats and facts from the week here:

  • Topeka, KS: Saw their earliest 90° on record on March 19.
  • El Paso, TX: Saw their 2nd earliest 90° on record on March 19.
  • Amarillo, TX: Saw their first 90° of 2017 on March 19.
  • Livingston, MT: High of 75° yesterday was the earliest in the year it’s ever been so warm there, dating back to 1948.
  • Oklahoma City, OK: Reaching 91° on March 20, this was their earliest 90° of the year since 2006, or in 11 years! OKC has now had 36 days (out of 78 days this year, or 46%) with highs at least 10° above average.
  • Dallas, TX: Their record high of 92° on March 20 was also their first 90° of 2017.
  • With more than 300 tornado reports so far in 2017, we are off to the fastest start to severe weather in nearly a decade.
  • There have been more tornadoes so far in 2017 in Massachusetts (2), Michigan (4), Minnesota (3), and Pennsylvania (3) than Oklahoma (1).
  • Boston, MA: This March has been colder than BOTH February and January! #Marchuary
  • Pensacola, FL: Set an all-time March high temperature of 90° on March 22.

This was a big week for 90°+ records, wouldn’t you say? Let us know what kind of wild weather your area experienced this week in the comments below!