This Week in Weather 2/17/18-2/23/18

What a rollercoaster of a week! The weather has been wild the past few days and has kept meteorologists around the country very busy. See some of the crazy weather stats below!

  • Through Sunday, February 18, the entire state of Florida was running 6°F to 10°F above normal during February. The all-time warmest February for FL was 1932 with a temperature anomaly of +7.5°F.
  • Los Angeles, CA: As of Monday, February 19, they’ve gone a full 365-day calendar year with only a single day of significant rainfall (>0.33 inches).
  • Tulsa, OK: Their one hour temp drop of 27° from 70° to 43° on Tuesday, February 20 as the cold front came blasting through is the SECOND largest one hour temp drop Tulsa has seen since 2000!
  • On Tuesday, February 20, Kansas City was under just their second ice storm warning in a decade!
  • Pittsburgh, PA: They reached 4.99″ of precipitation on Wednesday, February 21, putting them at 6th wettest February so far, with more rain to come. Wettest February to beat: 6.52″ in 1887.
  • San Francisco, CA: They dipped to 36° the morning of Tuesday, February 20. It’s been more than 4 years since it’s been that cold in the city! (Last time was early December 2013).
  • Binghamton, NY this week: Tuesday- Daily record high of 64°, Wednesday- Daily record high of 69° (1° shy of monthly record), and Thursday- Daily record snowfall of 4.8″.

What sort of weather did you experience this week? Let us know in the comments below!