This Week in Weather 2/11/17-2/17/17

When a city makes it on this list, you know they experienced crazy weather this week! Do you or anyone you know live in one of the cities below?

  • Incredible temperature turn-around from the warmth: Parts of Oklahoma went from a wind chill of 7° Friday morning (2/10) to highs in the mid-90s by Saturday afternoon (2/11)!
  • 100° in February happened Saturday 2/11 in Rio Grande Village, TX.
  • Oklahoma City, OK: Their record 89° on Saturday 2/11 was the warmest they’ve been so early in the year in 106 years…since 1911!
  • Columbia, SC: On average, 1st 80° day occurs on March 10th. Already 4 days this year at 80° as of 2/12.
  • Mammoth Mountain, CA: Has already received more snow this February than February 2015 and 2016 combined!
  • Portland, ME: From below average snow to above average snow in a heartbeat, Winter Storm Orson rocketed Portland’s snow season total to 61″, which is 20.8″ above average!
  • Atlanta, GA: Number of days that hit the 70’s are beating the number of 32’s so far this winter!
  • Sioux Falls, SD: No measurable snow in Sioux Falls so far this month. There have been 16 Februarys with less than an inch of snow & 3 Februarys with no snow. Also, the city closed all outdoor ice skating rinks on Saturday 2/11 for the season.
  • Goodland, KS: Smashed its all-time February high by 5°F (!) with 86°F on Sunday 2/12. Old record was 81°F on 2/17/1970 and 2/28/2006. Records start in 1895.
  • Charlotte, NC: The first 13 days of February were warmer than the average temperature for March!