This Week in Weather 12/30/17-1/5/18

Nobody asked for extremely cold weather this week, but boy did we get it! Between record low temperatures on New Year’s Eve and Winter Storm Grayson, this week in weather was an unforgettable one.

  • On Saturday, December 30, 69.8 Million people were under wind chill alerts.
  • New York, NY: The temperature at midnight at Central Park, NY was 9°, making it the 2nd coldest midnight temperature on New Year’s Eve in Central Park since 1907 and the coldest NYE in NYC 100 years!
  • At 9:00 am EST, Monday, January 1st, there was a 106° temperature difference between Key West, FL and Philip, SD.
  • On Monday, January 1, Embarrass, MN dipped to -45˚ in the morning. First time they’ve been this cold in almost 4 years, and only the 18th time temperatures dipped that low in one of the Lower 48’s coldest spots. 
  • On Tuesday, January 2, the Great Lakes ice cover was up to 19.7%, which is higher than the maximum reached all last winter, which was just 19.4%. The current ice cover % is also double the 1973-2017 average for the date per NOAA.
  • Parts of EVERY STATE in the 48 contiguous was reporting wind chills in the TEENS on the morning of Tuesday, January 2. 
  • Sioux City, IA: Fell to -28° on the morning of Tuesday, January 2, coldest it’s been there since January 1970. Coldest temperature in 48 years, and the 5th coldest temperature on record for Sioux City!
  • On Wednesday, January 3, Tallahassee, FL received its first snow in 28 years!
  • Grayson bombed out as expected with the pressure dropping an impressive 43 millibars, from 1011 to 968, from Wednesday, January 3 to Thursday, January 4. In fact, it exceeded the 24-hour criteria in 9 hours… and the 32 millibar drop in 9 hours compares with 28 mb in 12 hrs in the 1978 Cleveland Superbomb!
  • Meanwhile, strong OFF-shore winds coupled with the lower than normal astronomical tide lowered Baltimore’s water level to the lowest in almost 29 years during Grayson.
  • Every single state has been under a winter weather advisory at some point in the past 30 days (up to January 4). Quite a feat!
  • Round-up of storm-total snowfall amounts as of Thursday, January 4 at 7p ET from our official climate sites: 13.2″ Boston, MA, 9.2″ Hartford, CT, 13.9″ Providence, RI.

Did your area face the wrath of Winter Storm Grayson this week or were you in the clear? Let us know what crazy weather you experienced this week below!