This Week in Weather 1/21/17-1/27/17

From record snow falls to record high temperatures, America had some interesting weather this week! Get the most surprising weather facts below:

  • Long Beach, CA: All-time wettest calendar day on record on Sunday, January 22 with 3.97″
  • Record large waves pounded the shore: New wave height record set in Monterey Bay of 34.12ft this weekend (January 21-22); previous record 32.8ft in 2008
  • Grand Island, NE: Temperatures have been above freezing TWO STRAIGHT DAYS (January 21-22). It has been 20 YEARS since this last occurred in January (1997)!
  • Chicago: Since Wednesday January 25, it’s been over a week in Chicago since it’s been below 30°. Last time a week of 30°+ in January was January 2-8, 1998. That means no teens, no 20’s, and no single digits! 
  • With the new cooler and drier air mass in place, bye-bye fog! Kansas City had 9 days in a row where fog had reduced visibility to 2 miles or less and 6 days in a row of 1/4 mile or less. That ended Wednesday, January 25th! Also …Through January 24, Kansas City had only received 4.5″ of snow this season. That is 5.1″ below normal. Currently, tied for 2nd least snowiest on record.
  • Washington, DC: No freezing temps 32 or colder in DC from January 11-26. (This is currently the coldest period of the year per normals.) First time it has happened in records since 1872.
  • 1 year’s worth of rain….in 1 month! Big Sur Station, CA has received 43.41″ of rain so far this rain year. 41.91″ is their normal rainfall for an entire rain year.
  • The sun returns! Fairbanks, AK had their first sunrise this week (on Monday, January 23) in 65 days!
  • Mammoth Mountain, CA: More snow has fallen this January than any other month in Mammoth’s recorded history with 246” (over 20 FEET!)
  • Minneapolis: Their streak finally came to an end on January 26, of 11 days straight with highs 32+!  They had a high of 30 on the 26th.

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  1. RE: 1st sunrise in Fairbanks, it is always sunny in Fairbanks. I think you mean
    Barrow Alaska back on January 23rd. Mighty nippy there now 6:30 AST @ 0 F .

  2. Where on this site will I find my current radar? That’s the only reason I joined this site. It was advertised showing a current radar screen. There’s nowhere I can find current radar, which is the one thing I NEED. We used to be able to see it on our selected interacticve cities sites, but not any more! Would someone PLEASE TELL the WEATHER CHANNEL WE NEED OUR CURRENT RADAR BACK. RUN IT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN SOMEWHERE….ANYwhere, but give us back a minute by minute radar picture!!!!