This Week in Weather 12/1/18-12/7/18

December 1st marked the beginning of meteorological winter, and so far it’s delivered! Between high and low temperatures and tornadoes and a massive winter storm, check out these weather stats from the week.

  • The tornado outbreak in Illinois on Saturday, December 1 resulted in 26 tornadoes. This is the largest tornado outbreak the state has ever seen in the month of December.
    • One of these was an EF3 tornado in Taylorville, IL. This is only the 10th EF3 tornado of the year, and the first since late July.  List of previous EF3 tornadoes below. We have had zero EF4s or 5s this year.   
  • Vero Beach, FL hit 88°F on Sunday, December 2, which broke the record for highest temperature recorded in December.
  • Key West, FL also set the warmest day ever set in meteorological winter on Sunday, December 2 with 83°F!
  • On the other side of things, Marquette, MI had a total snowfall of 14.2” on Sunday, December 2, breaking the previous record of 10.2” set in 2004. Daily precipitation of 1.62” also broke previous record of 0.67” set in 1989.
  • With 95.82″ of rain so far this year, Wilmington, NC has already broken its all-time rainfall record set back in 1877. A few fun facts:
    • Wilmington’s average annual rainfall: 57.61″
    • Previous record annual rainfall:  83.65″ in 1877
    • This year Wilmington has recorded the most number of days ever with daily rainfall greater than 1.50, 3.00, and 4.00 inches.
    • Total rainfall from just the 17 wettest days this year: 58.96″ — more rain than in an entire typical year!
    • 96 inches is eight feet — the standard depth of the “deep end” of a backyard swimming pool
  • Winter Storm Diego was officially named at 5p ET on Wednesday, December 5.

Check back to see what next week has in store!