This Week in Weather 1/14/17-1/20/17

This week there was some wacky weather across the country! Here are some of the most interesting weather facts from the past 7 days:

  • As of Sunday 1/14/17, Billings, MT went 12 straight days with temperatures less than 22 degrees; that’s the 6th longest stretch on record, and longest since 1985
  • A month’s worth of rain in 1 hour? The Dallas, TX record of 3.16″ of rain on 1/15/17 tripled the previous daily record, was more than the average January monthly rainfall, and 2nd highest single-day rainfall total for the month. By the way, 1.56″ of it came in 20 minutes.
  • Downtown Los Angeles: With 3.83″ already this month, they have already exceeded their average January monthly rainfall of 3.12″. They could see 4″+ more through January 22nd!
  • 4 states saw thunder-ice (TX, OK, KS, MO) thanks to Winter Storm Jupiter
  • Atlanta, GA: Saw day 8 straight of 70+ on January 19th, and January 20th will make day 9. This is crushing the previous record of 5 consecutive 70+ days in January. Also, record total number of 70+ days in a January is 10.
  • Surf’s up! HUGE and potentially damaging swells expected across the the Cali coast this weekend. Could be biggest waves since 2014!
  • Portland, OR: Thanks to the parade of storms, it was the coldest first 17 days to a year since 1979
  • In order for recess to be canceled in Alaska, it has to be -20 degrees F or below
  • Missoula, MT: Had their first day above freezing of 2017 on January 19th!
  • San Francisco: Has received more rain in first 19 days of January of 2017 than in Januarys of 2013 thru 2016 combined. Wet days this month now nearly double the number of dry days – 13 to 7!

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  1. Wow, I wouldn’t want to be in California right now — those poor Californians 🙁

  2. Someone, PLEASE post pictures of the waves off the ‘Cali’ coast! I would SO love to see that in person.. but can’t. 🙁

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