This Week in Weather 11/3/18-11/9/18

Weather was all over the place from coast to coast this week, from dangerous severe weather to destructive wildfires. Take a look at the most compelling weather facts below.

  • On Saturday, November 3, Mt. Washington, NH topped out with 125 mph wind gusts. The sustained winds stayed just under 100 mph in this event so far.
  • 24 tornadoes confirmed between Monday, November 5 and Tuesday, November 6.
    • 7 EF0
    • 11 EF1
    • 6 EF2
  • On Tuesday, November 6, over 50k people in the Chattanooga, TN area lost power because of severe weather in the area.
  • Between the Camp (20,000), Woolsey (2,000), and Hill (10,000) fires, over 32,000 acres of California were on fire on Thursday, November 8, which is over 50 square miles!  If you can imagine, that is TWICE the size of Marietta, GA and half the size of Sacramento.
  • According to the press release, the Camp Fire began at 6:29 am on Thursday, November 6 and by 8pm it had burned 20,000 acres. That is the equivalent of a football field every 3.2 seconds!

What weather did you experience this week? Let us know below!