This Week in Weather 10/26/19-11/1/19

Catch up on the most note-worthy weather events that happened this week across the country.

  • A 3.6M earthquake occurred northeast of San Diego, CA on Tuesday, October 29th.
  • Denver, CO broke a record low maximum temperature on Tuesday, October 29th with a high of only 18°! The previous record was 25° set in 1993.
    • Because of the extremely cold temperatures and wintry conditions caused 546 total cancellations and 596 total delays on Tuesday at Denver International Airport.
  • It was -39° in Peter Sinks, UT on the morning of Wednesday, October 30th. Let’s repeat that… -39°!
  • While the temperature in Peter Sinks may have been extreme, there were over 50 other locations that were below 30° at some point on Wednesday, October 30th.
  • Due to a quick-moving cold front, Mobile, AL dropped 15° in 14 minute° and 18° in 28 minutes on Thursday, October 31st.

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