This Week in Weather 7/20/19-7/26/19

It was a wild week in weather, with the US getting a much needed relief from the heat while Europe essentially became an oven. Check out the fascinating weather facts from the past 7 days below:

  • Saturday, July 20 was the second busiest severe day of the month with 248 severe weather reports.
  • Severe weather caused nearly a quarter of a million customers to lose power in Michigan alone on Saturday, July 20, increasing to nearly half a million on Sunday, July 21.
  • Michigan’s state record for 24 hour rainfall was broken on Saturday, July 20 with a report of 13.53” of rain!
  • There were two confirmed EF1 tornado in the Cape Cod, MA region on Tuesday, July 23. This is only the fourth and fifth tornado recorded in this area since 1950!
  • Both Lawton, OK and Oklahoma City, OK broke their record low temperatures the morning of Wednesday, July 23. The low temperature for Oklahoma City that morning was 59°, which breaks the record of 61° from 1970. Lawton recorded 58° which breaks its old record of 60° set in 1927.
  • Houston, TX had their coolest July morning since 2013 on Wednesday, July 24, staying at a nice 68°.
  • Lake City, FL reported 3” of rainfall per hour between 3 and 5p on Wednesday, July 24.
  • Little Rock, AR had their coolest morning in 20 years on Thursday, July 25 with the temperature at 60°!
  • On the other side of the world, Europe is going through a massive heat wave this week:
    • Paris, France broke their all-time high temperature record hitting 108.7° on Thursday, July 25.
    • The Netherlands broke their all-time national record hitting nearly 103° on Thursday, July 25.
    • Thursday, July 25 was also the second 100° day in the United Kingdom’s history.

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