This Week in Weather 6/23/18-6/29/18

We’re going international for this rendition of This Week in Weather! Check out the craziest weather stats from the past 7 days.

  • Rockford, IL: Over half an inch of rain fell over the course of 10 minutes on the morning of Tuesday, June 26.
  • You may think it’s been hot where you are, but the coastal city of Quriyat (Qurayyat) in the Middle Eastern nation of Oman established a singularly unenviable heat mark on Tuesday, June 26: A 24-hour low temperature of 42.6 °C (108.7 °F). According to weather records expert Maximiliano Herrera, this sets a new world record for the hottest 24-hour-minimum temperature ever recorded!
  • Ireland saw their highest JUNE temperature since 1976 on Thursday, June 28- 89.6°! 
  • Denver, CO: Tied their all-time high of 105° on Thursday, June 28.
  • Thursday, June 28 was the #1 most active severe weather day of 2018 with 442 reports.
  • Cooperstown, ND: Reported major wind gusts on Thursday, June 28 ranging from 72 to 96 mph.
  • Twin Buttes, ND: Checking the data, this city averages only 15.73″ of rainfall for the year. Using that as a proxy, we can say the 6.55″ in Twin Buttes on Thursday, June 28 equates to around 40% of the average annual rain!  

Crazy week, right? Let us know what kind of weather you experienced this week in the comments below!