This Week in Weather 6/16/22-6/22/18

This week in a nutshell: Rain, rain, heat, and more rain. That’s a sign it’s officially summertime! Check out the most shocking weather facts of the week below.

  • Amarillo, TX: On Sunday, June 17, the city saw a record amount of rainfall. They received 1.42”, making it their wettest day since September 25, 2017.
  • Albany, NY: Monday, June 18 had a high temperature of 97°, which is the warmest day since July 17, 2012. They haven’t hit 100° since September 3, 1953!
  • Beaumont-Port Arthur, TX: As of 9:23a on Tuesday, June 19, they received 1.35″ since midnight bringing their total for the previous 32 hours to 7.24″.
    • Mon, June 18th: 5.89″ (Daily record; 4th Wettest June Day)
    • Tue, June 19th: 5.05″ (not a daily record; 5th Wettest June Day)
    • 2-Day Total: 10.94″ (Wettest June 2-Day period on record)
  • Weslaco, TX: Measured, not radar estimated, but measured 8.39″ in just 2 hours and 30 min on the morning of Wednesday, June 20.
    • From 2a to 10a the area received 11.04” of rain
  • Harlingen, TX: Received 5.90″ of rain on Wednesday, June 20, which is their 8th wettest calendar day on record.
  • Death Valley, CA: Set a record high for the day on Thursday, June 21… It reached 126°! This breaks the old record of 125° set in 1961.
  • Richmond, VA: From 12a to 7:30a on Friday, June 22, received 7.25″ of rain, making it the second wettest day on record. Not second wettest June day, but second wettest OF ANY MONTH!
    • The current record is 8.79″ on 8/12/1955
    • 4.55″ of rain fell in ONE HOUR from 4a to 5a
    • Richmond typically averages 3.93″ for the entire month of June

Let us know what sort of weather you experienced this week in the comments below!