This Week in Weather 6/8/19-6/14/19

Take a look at some impressive weather stats from the week.

  • Savannah, GA records top 10 wettest June day with 4.53” of rain on Tuesday, June 11. In addition to the daily record, yesterday ranked as the 9th wettest June day on record and their wettest day overall since 9/11/2017.
  • Salinas, CA climbed to 104° breaking their daily record of 86° on Tuesday, June 11.  Monday was the hottest June day on record (105°), Monday, June 11 was #2! Records date back to 1930.
  • A few other heat records were smashed on Tuesday, June 12: 
    • Quillayute, WA got to 91° smashing their daily record of 77°. This tied for the 2nd hottest June day. (Records date back only to 1966) 
    • Eureka, CA saw 85° smashing their daily record of 69°. This tied the record for hottest June temperature on record. (Records date back to 1887)
  • As of Friday, June 14, there have been a total of 4 lightning-related deaths in 2019.

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