This Week in Weather 5/18/19-5/24/19

Severe weather took a toll on many communities this week. Take a look at the most shocking weather facts from the past 7 days below.

  • On Sunday, May 19, Nebrask experienced its first EF3 tornado since June 2014.
  • On Monday, May 20, the Storm Prediction Center issued warnings for Oklahoma City, OK. They said: ”This is only the second watch in SPC history where every category of watch probabilities (torn, wind, hail) are at greater than 95%. The only other watch like this was issued for Alabama on 27 April 2011.”
  • On Tuesday, May 21, in Springfield, MO, .98″ fell in 15 minutes between 10:34 and 10:49 CT. That’s a rate of 3.92″/hour!
  • From early Monday, May 20 and early Wednesday, May 22, 6-8” of rain fell across parts of Oklahoma and Kansas.
  • Between Monday, May 20 and Tuesday, May 21, there were 22 confirmed tornadoes:
    • EF0: 6
    • EF1: 12
    • EF2: 3
    • EF3: 1
  • Atlanta, GA experienced its first 90° day of the year on Wednesday, May 22. The day was 9° above average and one Week ahead of the 1981-2010 Climo Avg. It was also the first 90°F day in 228 days! (October 6th, 2018)
  • On Wednesday, May 22, Adair, IA experienced an EF2 tornado. It was the first tornado of the year for the state.
  • The tornadoes that hit the Missouri cities of Jefferson City, Golden, and Carl Junction on the night of Wednesday, May 22 were all rated EF3s
  • On Friday, May 24, for the first time since the Drought Monitor records started in 2000, zero in the severe or worse drought categories.

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