This Week in Weather 3/30/19-4/5/19

As our weather stats show, winter is still hanging on in the US! Check out a few interesting weather facts from the week.

  • On Sunday, March 31st, Salt Lake City, UT finished its 5th wettest March of all time, with 3.96″ recorded throughout the month.
  • With snowfall in the early morning of Monday, April 1, Buffalo’s streak of having snow in every April month in recorded history continues. Snow records go back 136 years to 1884.
  • Charlotte, NC got measurable snowfall on Tuesday, April 2, which is the first measurable snowfall in April since 1982. 37 years ago! Some other noteworthy nuggets:
    •  In the past 140 years, measurable snow has been recorded in Charlotte in April only 6 times
    • 0.8″ on April 20, 1904 remains the latest date that measurable snow has been recorded

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