This Week in Weather 3/2/19-3/8/19

This week started out unusually destructive when 31 tornadoes terrorized towns across the southeast. Get the chilling stats on this tornado outbreak below as well as other crazy weather facts of the week.

  • Winter Storm Scott brought over 9” in the Boston area through Saturday, March 2, making it the top snowstorm of the season. (Not that it was hard to beat with the old highest being 3.6” on February 18th!
  • The 97 tornado warnings from Sunday, March 3 are the most issued in a single day since December 23, 2015.
  • On Sunday, March 3, there were 39 confirmed tornadoes across the southeast, including the first EF4 tornado since 2017.
    • The EF4 tornado that occurred in Lee County, AL was the single deadliest tornado since 2014.
  • Chicago, IL reached -3° on Monday, March 4. This is the coldest observed March temperature in Chicago since March 4, 2002 (-7°)!
  • On the night of Tuesday, March 5, Los Angeles, CA experienced nearly 2,200 flashes of lightning over the course of five hours!

March weather changes drastically based on time of month and location. Stay safe out there, and watch The Weather Channel for your area’s forecast!

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