This Week in Weather 2/16/19-2/22/19

To summarize this week: Dozens of inches of snow falling in an hour, amazing records broken, and snow in Las Vegas! Check out the biggest weather stats of the past 7 days below.

  • Serious snow fell in the Sierras on Sunday, February 17:
    • June Mountain Ski received 33” in one hour, bringing their season total to 318’
    • Homewood Ski received 30” in one hour, bringing their season total to 458’
    • Squaw Valley Ski received 30” in one hour, bringing their season total to 492’
  • Boston has seen a significantly less snowy winter season this year. Their snowiest calendar day so far this season was on Monday, February 18 with a mere 3.6″.
    • Season to February 18th they received 7.4″, which is 22.4″ less than average.
  • Minneapolis, MN started the month 17″ below average on snowfall and on Wednesday, February 20 they broke their monthly snowfall record by hitting 30.4”!
  • The Las Vegas, NV official snowfall for Wednesday, February 20 is 0.5″. This breaks a daily snowfall record for this date! It is also the second latest date (winter season) where a half inch or more of snowfall was recorded. Record latest was 0.6″ on Feb 25th, 1987.
  • A new single-day snowfall record was set in Flagstaff, AZ on Thursday, February 21. Officially, 35.9″ of snow was measured, which breaks the previous all-time daily record of 31.0” set in 1915!

Now get out there and have a great weekend enjoying the weather!