This Week in Weather 2/9/19-2/15/19

Record-breaking weather stirred up the US from coast to coast this week. Some cities saw more daily rain than they’ve seen in decades, while some places (looking at you, Hawaii) got rare snowfall amounts. Check out the biggest weather stats from the week below!

  • Saturday, February 9 was the 149th birthday of the National Weather Service!
  • On Sunday, February 10, Olympia, Washington dipped to 9°. This is the first reading below 10° for this location in 8 years. It shatters the previous daily record of 15° set in 1982!
  • On the early morning of Monday, February 11, the Seattle-Tacoma airport in Washington broke the record of snowiest February on record with 14.1” of snow recorded. This also makes February 2019 the 8th snowiest month on record (snowiest in over 30 years!)
  • Hawaii recorded what may be the lowest elevation snow in state history on Monday, February 11!
  • It’s been Seattle’s snowiest February since 1945. But including ALL months going back to 1894, there have been only been 5 months (including this one) in which 6+ inch snowfall occurred twice in the same month!
  • Winter Storm Maya’s snowfall on Tuesday, February 12 set a new daily record in Marquette, Michigan of 16.5.” This is the 7th snowiest February day on record for them. This now brings Marquette’s seasonal total to 148.3,” which is only 16.5″ above average. This will keep Marquette reigning supreme as the snowiest city in the Lower 48 this season!
  • On Tuesday, February 15 Eau Claire, MI broke their February snowfall record with 28.4”. The old record was 28.2” from 1936. They also broke the daily record of 4.1” from 2000 with 9.5’ today.
  • The seasonal total for Caribou, ME stands at 128.3:” as of Thursday, February 14… That’s 57.5″ above average!  It’s the 2nd snowiest start to winter behind 2007-2008 in which 133.4″ fell. That winter ended up being their snowiest all-time with 197.8″.
  • Palm Springs, CA experienced their single wettest day in 76 years and third rainiest day on record on Thursday, February 14:
    • 1. 4.57″ (1/23/1943)
    • 2. 3.80″ (12/10/1943)
    • 3. 3.69″ (2/14/2019)
  • McCarran Airport in Nevada reached over 1” of rainfall on Thursday, February 14! This is only the 29th day since 1938 that we’ve ever had an inch of rainfall in one day in Las Vegas!

Wherever you may be located, we hope you have a great weekend full of your ideal weather conditions!