This Week in Weather 2/2/19-2/8/19

The country seemed to have experienced temperature whiplash this week! Last week was bitterly cold, but this week parts of the country were in the 80s. Check out some shocking weather stats below.

  • In Chicago, IL last Wednesday, it felt like -50° (with the wind chill). On the afternoon of Monday, February 4, the air temperature was 50°. That’s a 100° swing!
  • Winter Storm Lucian brought 7”+ of snow to Seattle, WA this week. They’ve now officially had more snow this winter than Boston, MA!
  • In addition to crushing the daily record with 4.00″ of rain on Wednesday, February 6, Nashville, TN sets their 4th wettest February day, 6th wettest winter day and 20th wettest day overall.
  • Atlanta, GA tied their all-time February record high on Thursday, February 7 with 80°. It was the earliest day this temperature was recorded in the city, it also hit 80° on February 15, 1989.

We hope you have a great weekend, no matter what kind of weather you happen to experience!