This Week in Weather 1/26/19-2/1/19

Well, we’ve reached the end of one of the coldest weeks the US has experienced in decades! Seriously, can you believe the temperatures parts of the country saw this week? We’re talking wind chills in the -60s! Check out the mind-blowing stats below.

  • International Falls, MN broke a record low and hit -44° the morning of Sunday, January 27. At the same time, Phoenix dropped to a balmy 47°…. that’s a 91° temp difference.
  • At 1a on Wednesday, January 30, with a temperature of -28°F and a wind of 22 mph, the wind chill at the Rochester airport in Wisconsin was -60°! Other wind chills around the area were -40° to -59°. Avoid going outdoors if at all possible early this morning!
    • During the overnight (~3-4 a.m.) the city hit their 2nd lowest recorded wind chill value ever at -61.  Lowest ever was -64 on Jan.10, 1982.
  • As of 7a on the morning of Wednesday January 30, every single state in the Lower 48 experienced freezing temperatures, with 79.1% of the country was below 32°. Also notable is nearly 50% of the country was below 20°.
  • Moline, IL reached -29°F at 11:19 PM on Wednesday, January 30th, breaking the previous all time record of -28°F set back on February 3rd, 1996!
  • Rockford, IL set the all-time coldest temp the morning of Thursday, January 31 at -30°. We are forecasting a record high of 51° for Monday!
  • There were 2,300 canceled flights in and out of the US on Thursday, January 31.
  • Cotton, MN: Reached the coldest temperature of the arctic outbreak at -56° on Thursday, January 31.
  • Lake-effect snow brought feet of snow across New York this week:
    • S. Watertown, NY: 34.2”
    • Buffalo, NY: 20.8”
    • Williamsville, NY: 20.3”

Did you experience the wrath of the polar vortex parts of the US experienced this week? Let us know in the comments below.