Weather Videos So Crazy Jim Cantore Can’t Even Believe Them

For moments like this to be captured on camera, it takes an incredible amount of luck and case of “right place, right time”. Luckily everyone in these videos lived through these insane weather moments, but they should serve as a reminder of just how relentless Mother Nature can truly be. To see more captivating weather moments caught on video, watch an all new season of Weather Gone Viral on Sundays at 8p ET!

Tornado Headed Your Way? Here’s What Not To Do

Is the Big Bad Wolf In Town or Something?

That Moment When You Get Caught in a Mudslide Whirlpool 

If You Think Driving in a Flooded Street Is a Good Idea, This is Why You’re Wrong

In summary, this is you…

And also….

With a little bit of…

Which weather moment is the most jaw-dropping to you? Catch the premiere of season 3 of Weather Gone Viral this Sunday, October 22 at 8p ET for more videos you have to see to believe!

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