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Two Peas in a Meteorological Pod

You might be lucky, but are you a meteorologist-that-fell-in-love-with-another-meteorologist lucky? Chances are, probably not. These 3 couples have all found love through a common passion of theirs: the weather. Hear their meteorology-laced tales of love below!

What do you and your significant other do for a living? 

I am a Social Media Specialist at The Weather Group and my husband Ari is an On Camera Meteorologist for The Weather Company. – Jennifer Watson

We are both Broadcast Meteorologists. – Mike Bettes

I’m a meteorologist on The Weather Channel and my fiance is an editor for weather.com. – Alex Wilson

Do you guys constantly geek out about the weather together?
Yes, on a daily basis. We talk about the forecast and get really excited when thunderstorms are in the forecast, especially where we live. One time I slept through a thunderstorm that produced hail, so Ari ran outside and grabbed some, put it in the freezer so I could see it when I woke up. – Watson

Yes, probably more than most couples. We even play in a Fantasy Snowfall League. We constantly talk weather smack about our teams getting more snow than the other. – Bettes

Yes! And it’s especially fun to see him get excited about weather events since he’s not a meteorologist – but since he works around all of us “weather weenies” the enthusiasm is contagious. – Wilson

Did your love of weather bring you together?

We met in an online chat with some other fellow meteorologists when we both were morning meteorologists at local stations in Mississippi and West Virginia. We kept in contact and both ended up getting on camera meteorologists jobs at local stations in Huntsville, AL and the rest is history! We did work at competing stations, so that got a little tense at times, but we mostly enjoyed geeking out about the weather together. – Watson

Yes, we met at a weather conference in Ohio. – Bettes

We met at work and both had the same off days – so I guess you could say The Weather Channel brought us together. – Wilson

What’s the geekiest weather thing you guys have ever done together?

One of our first dates was going storm chasing locally in North Alabama, but we also look at the radar together, analyze storms…etc, on a more daily basis. -Watson

We were at lunch together one day when tornado sirens started going off. We literally cut our lunch short (didn’t even finish our meal) to go storm chasing. I took video of a rope tornado while Allison was on NWS Chat relaying the event. Super geeky! – Bettes

Streamed TWC through our cable TV app to listen to storm coverage on a road trip – even when we were on vacation we wanted to stay in the loop! – Wilson

How is your relationship, as two people working in the weather field, different than other relationships?

It’s a lot of fun, we both have a passion for weather, so it’s great to be able to share it with someone else that shares the same passion, it allows you to completely geek out on the weather all the time. – Watson

Because we both work weird hours, holidays, and weekends, we understand the demands of the job a lot more than people who have spouses who work “normal 9 to 5 type jobs”. We also help coach each other. We’re also in a field of work where we BOTH wear makeup 🙂 – Bettes

We understand flexibility – weather happens on weekends, nights and holidays, so we know that sometimes we have to cancel dates last minute! – Wilson

Have you ever gone on a vacation with each other solely for a meteorological purpose? If so, what was your favorite shared weather vacation?

Definitely, we’ve been storm chasing before and hope to go again soon! – Watson

We have gone to weather conferences across the country together and we have storm chased together. Later this year we plan to take a trip to see the total solar eclipse. – Bettes

No, but we did go on vacation to Turks & Caicos, a place that doesn’t get a ton of rain, and it poured almost the whole time! – Wilson

Is there something in your home that screams “two meteorologists/people working in the weather field live here”?

The license plates on our cars in our driveway probably give it away, because both are shortened weather related phenomena. If you come inside our house, we have weather related decor, that would give it away, like photographs, paintings…etc. We also used to have a weather station in our yard, but unfortunately it broke during a move. – Watson

We have multiple weather stations, and we have names for all of them. Al Bedo, Al Bedo Jr., etc – Bettes

Do you have a favorite cheesy weather pickup line?

“Want to go chase storms?” or “let’s look at the radar” does it for me 🙂 – Watson

No weather pick up lines per se, but plenty of weather jokes that won her over. What do clouds wear underneath their pants? Thunderwear!  – Bettes

I must be a snowflake because I’m falling for you. – Wilson


It’s apparent that these couples are two peas in a meteorological pod, right? Tell us your own love story below!

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  1. Dr. @twcerikanavarro, ♪♪ Your love is like a river / Peaceful, indeed / Your soul is like a secret that we can never hear / When your fiancé looks into eyes / He knows that it is true / God must have spent a little more time on you ♪♪ ~Alabama (the band)
    Congratulations on your engagement to your dapperly handsome fiancé! You win a million love-struck points for this Valentine’s Day! #loveoncloudnine 😀

    1. ♪♪ Take me down where I want to be / Turn around, this man who lives inside me / Take me down and love me all night long / Hold me close and make strong / Take me down, take me down tonight ♪♪ ~Alabama (the band) #lovefest 😀

  2. I have to totally agree with @alexwilson. I am a snowflake because when the weather gets inclement and/or ominous, I always take no chances and seek shelter as quickly as possible. My safety is of the utmost importance.

  3. This is absolute goals! I hope that my life will turn out like that! I’d love to end up with someone who’s just as much of a weather geek as me!

    1. @alexiscarden, I can relate to that! In fact, I totally agree with you. Thus, please let me share my #wxnerd thoughts with you.
      As a freelance meteorologist, I have a zealous passion for meteorology. The Weather Channel sparked my passion for weather.  In fact, I have been studying weather since I was three years old. I love asking people questions about weather, giving the forecast, mentoring people how to be safe and ready when inclement weather happens, and tracking severe weather.  Concisely, I am a weather nerd. #wxgeekforlife

      1. @AndyMoserWX, I can see that you are! I am in fact a definite weather geek too. I’m in school right now at Texas Tech getting my degree in journalism with a minor in atmospheric science and I plan on going to grad school to get my masters in broadcast meteorology. I LOVE the weather so much to where my friends tell me to stop, but of course, I don’t! Haha! Severe weather is my favorite to study and see and it’s where the deep of my passion lies. I can’t wait to actually be an on camera meteorologist! 🙂

        1. @alexiscarden, if you plan to get your masters in broadcast meteorology, then I suggest that you attend the University of Oklahoma, the #1 school for meteorology in the United States, if not the world. #BoomerSooner 😀

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