5 Twitter Accounts to Follow if You Love Weather Photography

If you’re obsessed with weather, you follow storms more than you follow your friends. You also probably can’t help but to take pictures of the beautiful weather happening around you on a daily basis. Here are the top five Twitter accounts you should follow if you love weather photography!


Tornado Talk is an account that focuses primarily on tornadoes, including their history. They also record podcasts and tweet real time severe weather coverage. If you’re obsessed with everything tornado-related, this account is perfect for you!



This account tweets pictures captured by the International Space Station live cameras. There are also time lapse videos of storm clouds and beautiful pictures of sun sets. If you enjoy space and beautiful clouds, you’ll love this account!


USA Sunrise retweets user-submitted pictures of sun rises. This is their primary focus and they also post a variety of sun sets and types of clouds. You will be in awe at the beauty of these photos!


Weather Hunters is ran by David T. Chapman and Bryan Chapman, who are storm chasers. They take photos and videos of a variety of different weather. They also retweet pictures from other weather fanatics. If you’ve always wanted to live vicariously through a storm chaser, here is your chance!  


Mattmwx  is run by Matt Magiera, an avid storm chaser with a passion for photography. He posts pictures of severe storms and tornadoes. For those who enjoy pictures of severe weather and the thrill of storm chasing, this account is for you!  

Do you follow any other Twitter accounts related to weather? Comment them below!

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  1. I started following Earthandclouds & was BOMBARDED with messages to follow people on instagram.. unfollowed that! Anyone else have that issue?

  2. I follow the severe network site on facebook. This is from a guy in north TX. Great photos, videos, and severe weather posts from weather service offaces as well as great tropical storm info! Very good and always interesting!

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