Twitter Accounts to Follow This Hurricane Season

The further we get into the year, the closer we get to the worst of hurricane season. The time to prepare is now! Of course you know to have an evacuation plan, pack an emergency kit, and tune in to The Weather Channel for your area’s latest forecast, but did you know you can also use social media to prepare? If you’re on Twitter, follow these accounts so you can get updates and safety information during the most dangerous season of the year.

Weather and Safety Information

Need an easy and efficient way to get current weather warnings if you don’t have access to a TV? These accounts are always posting breaking weather news and safety information that could save your life. Plus, even when there’s no immediate weather threat to your area, it’s still good to be aware of what’s going on in and around our atmosphere.

Government Agencies

The sole purpose of these accounts is to keep citizens aware, informed, and safe. They are extremely useful to follow and should be paid close attention to. Along with these national accounts, follow your local officials and emergency managers so you can get even more detailed updates regarding your city.


Without a doubt, meteorologists have some of the best accounts to rely on for important weather updates on Twitter. Meteorologists on the national scale, such as those working at The Weather Channel, are constantly tweeting the biggest weather stories from every region in the US. No matter where you live, you’ll know what’s going on where you and your loved ones are when you follow these scientists. You should also follow your local meteorologists for breaking and updated weather information.

Follow The Weather Channel’s Hurricane Expert Dr. Rick Knabb and our other meteorologists to get the most up-to-date weather alerts:

Stephanie Abrams, Mike Bettes, Liana Brackett, Chris Bruin, Jim Cantore, Jen Carfagno, Kelly Cass, Mark Elliot, Paul Goodloe, Dr. Rick Knabb, Maria LaRosa, Dr. Erika Navarro, Stu OstroCarl Parker, Dr. Greg Postel, Mike Seidel, Alex Wallace, Chris Warren, Alex Wilson, Reynolds Wolf, Tevin Wooten

Natural Disaster Relief

With natural disasters comes the need for relief. There are so many ways civilians can contribute to the victims of hurricanes. If you’re near the area impacted, check local food bank and shelter Twitter accounts to see if you can volunteer. The biggest needs after a hurricane strikes are blood, food, and clothing donations, so follow accounts like the American Red Cross to discover ways you can donate. If you think your single contribution won’t make that much of a difference, think again! All resources given to those who have suffered through natural disasters are helpful.

In times of destructive weather events, your electricity may go out, but you’ll likely have your phone. Use it to your advantage! If you know of any other useful Twitter accounts to follow during hurricane season, put your suggestions in the comments below!