Tornadoes and The Stories They Tell

It is the time of year that tornadoes significantly threaten life and property. Though tornadoes can happen in virtually any month of the year, this is often the season many refer to as “tornado season”. This year has been no exception. I live in the state of Georgia and oddly our state leads the nation so far in 2017 in the number of tornadoes.

Beyond that statistic, tornadoes have been in the news for different reasons too. 3 storm chasers were killed in Texas while chasing a tornadic storm. This was followed by a storm chaser team deliberately driving into a tornado in the state of Louisiana. I wrote about why this later event in Forbes recently

We wanted to get into various topics about the tornadoes and the stories they tell us so we invited Dr. Victor Gensini (College of Dupage) and Dr. Walker Ashley (Northern Illinois University) to talk with his. This is part 1 of two episodes with these two tornado experts. They both publish in the scientific literature and chase storms so it was the perfect opportunity to have a good discussion (or debate) about what science is telling us about tornadoes, whether we should use terms like “Alley” to describe regions that experience tornadoes, and whether some chasers go too far. You know the conversation is good when we use the “standing” configuration of the Weather Geek set. Watch and you will see what I am talking about.

If you love or are fascinated by tornadic storms, The Weather Channel show Weather Geeks is for you this week. The show always airs Noon ET (11 am CT, 10 am MT, 9 am PT).

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  1. Building Codes!!! I do like that Dr. Ashley kept bring that up. Although, how mobile homes would fit into that or how to enforce codes…?

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