Tornado Detectives and An Important Announcement About Weather Geeks

It’s spring. You know what that means. Pollen, baseball, and an uptick in one of nature’s most violent displays, tornadoes. This week on Weather Geeks, world renowned tornado experts Dr. Howard Bluestein and Victor Gensini break down the mystery of forecasting tornadoes as only they can. Dr. Howard Bluestein is the George Lynn Cross Research Professor at the University of Oklahoma, and Dr. Victor Gensini is an Assistant Professor at Northern Illinois University.

The two of them represent some of the best minds in this field. In fact, it is rumored that the movie “Twister” was partly inspired by Dr. Bluestein. I will ask him about that on the show. Dr. Gensini is one of the brightest young scientists in severe weather and is even attempting to predict tornadic activity at a weekly to monthly scale. We’ll find out how he is doing.

It is fitting that our last weekly televised episode of Weather Geeks is on this topic because we started some 135 or so episodes ago with this topic. Our guest was the legendary Dr. Chuck Doswell. What a great memory that is, and Dr. Doswell has been a part of our team ever since. Though we are phasing out the groundbreaking on-air show, this is the beginning of a new phase. The Weather Channel is transitioning Weather Geeks to a 45-minute podcast available on iTunes, Google Play, We Love Weather, YouTube and many other formats. After this televised episode, we will have 45 additional minutes on the podcast with the Dr. Bluestein and Dr. Gensini, and it is amazing. Stay tuned for additional details on how to obtain or subscribe to the podcast.

After 4 years (we thought we would last 3 episodes), I have been in awe at the response of the show and the requests for longer content. The Weather Geeks podcast will provide even more reach and accessibility because it will be available when you want it and through multiple platforms. It reflects the adaptation to new ways people are consuming information in mobile and computer platforms. You should expect the same level of guests and content but far more in-depth conversation without having to rush to fit into an 18-minute box. The Weather Greeks brand will also continue through the Weather Geeks Wednesday segment every Wednesday at 8:40 am ET on The Weather Channel’s AMHQ morning show.

By the way, I cannot wait to announce our 2nd and 3rd podcast guests. You will like them.

I want to thank every single person that has helped produce the televised show, been a guest, honored as Geek of the Week, and most importantly, watched the show. Your comments, engagement, Tweets, and support made Weather Geeks a strong success on the network. We are transitioning because of an opportunity rather than a decline in interest. The brand and support is as strong as ever. When Mike Chesterfield, Matt Sitkowski, Chris Warren, and others came with this idea over 4 years ago, I was a bit skeptical, but it sort of worked out. I have to also give a big shout out to David Clark, Dave Shull, and Nora Zimmett for their “greenlighting” and support of this important platform over the years. And for the opportunity to explore this new realm……

Now on to the next phase.

I hope you will join us on Weather Geeks. The show airs on The Weather Channel Noon ET (11 am CT, 10 am MT, 9 am PT).

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    1. Weather Geeks isn’t going away! Dr. Shepherd will still be exploring topics of weather in the same fashion, it will just be in the form of a podcast instead of a TV Show!

    2. … Like the way they bought out and then stripped it for value, neglected and allowed it to fall apart to the point where it’s no longer reliable or useful? Those kind of things?

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