We Love Weather’s Top 10 Photos of the Week

Calling all sunset and cloud fans! You’re going to love this week’s roundup of the best fan photos. Don’t take our word for it though! Take a look at our selection of our favorites and vote on the best one below.

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  1. When one person uses Photoshop to totally change the colors of a photograph it is going to be beautiful. But it is not a true story of the weather they experienced. This has become a problem which does not give others (the 9 who did’t use magic) a fair chance.

      1. The ocean sunset in the very large photograph right after the headline is about as colorful as you can make it by adding by adding saturation, tint and contrast. It looks too good! I added a link to a wonderful article below. Look down at all the before and after photographs. Photoshop has its place and is a wonderful tool. However, it can be overdone and overpower the other photographs which are very nice. My photograph was not used this week so I felt like my comments were not personal, just informative. https://www.paulreiffer.com/2016/01/take-it-dont-fake-it-the-disturbing-rise-of-photoshop-ography/

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