Top 10 Fan Photos of the Week

Sunsets, cool clouds, and the beauty of nature- it’s everything we could hope for in a Top 10 Fan Photo slideshow! Take a look at the best weather photos of the week and vote on which one is your favorite.

Do you have a photo that you would like to be considered for our next round of Top 10 Fan Photos? Submit them to our gallery today, and be on the lookout for the announcement of this week’s winner on the We Love Weather Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Finally submitted my first photo… it does not hold a candle to what most of the We Love Weather community comes up with, I bow before you all.

  2. Love to watch the Weather Channel, you have a great staff, so knowledgeable and friendly. How many years of schooling does
    it take to become a meteorologist?
    Hope you can reply to me question.

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