Top 10 Fan Lightning Photos

It’s powerful, amazing, and happens in the blink of an eye. Yet, you guys have a knack for capturing flashes of lightning on camera! Take in the electrifying sights of these incredible fan lightning photos:

Taking photos of lightning is no easy task, but these 10 people have mastered it. Share your weather photos with us and if you have ideas for a new Top 10 topic, let us know!

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  1. Wow and I thought mine were amazing. Sheesh I guess that shows mine don’t even compare. I guess that’s what happens when you can afford a professional camera haha. I’ve been using my phone for pics for years. I think it does pretty good. Haha. These are amazing pictures of lightening. I’m literally obsessed with lightening photos. I have to catch any thunder storm I can when it happens. I get really excited when I hear thunder. I’m like omg kids I can add to my collection. Finally some new lightening pics haha. They always go ooh ooh .

  2. I was a New Englander, moved to nature coast on the Gulf of Mexico Florida, I love the weather here in Hudson, FL. Yes, I would rather have the heat. I spent a very cold 46 years in Rhode Island. Weather is very unusual here. I’m going to take photos of what I see and send it in. KimFL

  3. I, agree, lightning is fast in the desert southwest. It is my belief, the best, easier shots I have captured of lightning is under a porch facing mountains from a distance. The hardest part is finding this set up with an opening within view of the mountains. Once found, then, it is easy and fascinating, because one is set up safe and the camera settings are set.

    Ground lightning scares me. It is so random and I have been to close to it in my car at grocery store parking lot.

  4. Mezmarizing, then I think of how dangerous this is to be taking these photos. To all of the photographers, Thank you for taking them so the rest of us may see them!