Top 10 Fan Fog Photos

What weather event is both spooky and mystifying at the same time? Fog! You never know what could be hiding in the midst of fog, but we can’t help but feel entranced by it’s beauty. Take a look at some great fog photos pulled from our Community Gallery:

Share your thoughts on fog in the comments below, and keep submitting your weather photos to our gallery! You never know what the next Top 10 topic will be.

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  1. I see Fog as mystical, and eerie, and most of all it is part of Mother Nature. The scary part is you cannot see in front or in back of you. The feeling is like you are in another dimension. You are at a stand still in time. I waited, and the fog slowly diminished, before I ventured out driving on the road, I did go to work much later then. For me it was better later for a better eye view without the Fog for driving.
    White Lily

  2. The other comment—I don’t know what it looked like, because I was IN IT—Three weeks, as I recall—Guided at night only by the dim glow of the street lights, and at daybreak by an outreached hand to prevent a collision—Downright depressing—This was Weisbaden, Germany, 1951/52—-

  3. Have no picture, but two comments—The “cloud bank” I call it under the Golden Gate bridge—only the towers of the bridge visible and the bay side crisp and clear—You could cut with a knife—-Can you find it and run it ?—

  4. I love Your fog slide from One To Ten. Fog makes The Night Spooky scary And Eerie. I remember as a little girl visiting my uncle in upstate NY we were driving home the road had no lights looking out the back window of the car was fogand pitch black .The road ahead was pitch black also,my Grandmother told me go to sleep but I could not I was to scared I JUST Took THE Blanket that we had in the Car And Pulled It Over My Head. I usually did end up falling asleep. But my imagination would wander off and before I knew it I would think something was following behind the car. Well that one of many scary fog Adventures I Remember.

  5. This has nothing to do with the great fog pictures but want to thank The Weather Channel for running the great videos Election Day. Truly enjoyed them. Gene & Janet Ford, League City, TX

    1. Wanted to and my thanks for running those great videos on Election Day. They made the day nice and relaxing instead of hectic and horrible.