The Threat of Climate Change on the Animal Kingdom

It’s no secret climate change is a threat to our planet, but it’s already taking a toll on the animal kingdom. Global warming could eventually cause the extinction of animals, primarily because animals are physically incapable of surviving in certain temperature ranges. One they’re out of their ideal climate, the chance of survival goes drastically down.

You may be thinking, “Can’t animals just migrate towards weather that better suits them?” Technically, they can. Animals can move to accommodate to their ideal temperatures to a certain extent, but eventually there will be unavoidable limitations. For instance, what happens when they reach the edge of the land, mountains, rivers, etc? Plus, even if they do find a suitable climate to live in, there’s no telling if the habitat will be able to support them for an extended period of time, or what kind of predators could be lurking in the area.

PolarBearEcoChicCaymanPhoto Courtesy: Eco Chic Cayman

Animals that don’t encounter limitations in their travels pose a threat for us humans. Mosquitoes that carry malaria are spreading further from the equator into more populous areas and schools of fish are abandoning their home and leaving communities without a supply of fish. This is a dangerous trend that puts people’s lives in danger.

All species of animals will have to adapt to the changing ecosystems they live in, as they’ve done for billions of years. However, at this rate, who knows how many of the animals will be able to keep up. Climate change is happening at an alarmingly rapid pace, faster than any other temperature change in history, and adapting fast enough will be a challenge for all species.


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  1. I feel like climate change should be called earth growing era…I doint think that when the Pangaea was breaking up that the humans at that time protested over oil fracking, it was due to natural causes.Sure modern day civilization is impacting the climate to an amount but the major cause is just the Earth changing, I mean it is getting to be a pretty old planet.

  2. I believe if you pay attention to all the signs and the science you’ll understand and face the reality of global warming. I believe in God’s ability to fix everything but I also believe he gave us the intelligence to do it ourselves and not destroy our earth and all it’s inhabitants.

  3. So much wasted effort promoting fear of Global Warming. The LORD of all creation is in charge of climate. The best possible outcome for the Human Race & the beloved Animal Kingdom will be achieved by obeying HIs commandments.