This Week in Weather 9/23/17-9/29/17

As the month of September comes to a close, we’re taking a look at some of the staggering statistics that have come out of the last few days, including record-breaking heat, unprecedented hurricane streaks, and more.

  • Looking at hourly observations from Green Bay on Sunday, September 24, it was 89°F at the time of kick-off. If this verifies, it is the hottest game ever at Lambeau Field, smashing the old record of 84°F in 1963.
  • The Atlantic has had 8 consecutive named storms reach hurricane strength (Franklin-Maria)- the most TCs in a row to reach hurricane since 1893.
  • 6 Category 5 landfalls in 2017: 1/4 of known Category 5 landfalls since records began in 1851. 
  • So far, 2017 has had more major hurricane days than 2005, and still counting.
  • September alone has generated the most major hurricane days of any calendar month in the Atlantic on record making September 2017 the busiest Atlantic month on record for any year
  • Burlington, VT: 92°F on Monday, September 25 was the hottest reading ever observed so late in the year, by several degrees. They had never hit 90°F so late in a season, now likely seeing 2-3 in a row before cooler air returns.
  • Latest 90 in 126 years: Green Bay, WI hit 90°F on Monday, September 25 making it the latest in the season in 125 years and latest on record. Previous temperature record: Sep 24, 1891.
  • Every single day this September has had a hurricane…to that end, it goes without saying that every single day the Atlantic has registered a hurricane force wind.
  • Hurricane Lee was upgraded to a MAJOR hurricane on Tuesday, September 26, making it the 5th Atlantic hurricane to reach Category 3+ since August 25. The last time we had 5+ major hurricanes in the Atlantic by this date was 2010. It is also the strongest “L” storm since Lili in 2002.
  • Milwaukee, WI: Tuesday, September 26 was their 4th day of 90°F+ for Milwaukee since fall began. There were only 5 of these days in June, July, and August combined!

What was the weather like in your area this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. One heat wave in early October, little rain 2″ under average . Summer finally arrived, many warm days and nights . the air conditioner was working mote than June – Aug here in upstate New York.
    I just missed the winter outlook given by the winter weather Expert.
    Are we in for A La- Nino this Winter?

  2. Stevensville,Mi, we had 6straight 90+ degree days after Sep20! We had 1 90+ degree day in july and august combined! Very strange being in the 90s when the leaves are turning colors

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