This Week in Weather 8/19/17- 8/25/17

There was no time to stop and reflect on the total solar eclipse this past Monday because of powerful Hurricane Harvey. Here are the facts and stats you need to know about weather this week.

  • When Harvey was named last week, it made the tropical storm count up to 8 for 2017. Only three other years with 8 storms by 8/17: 1936, 2012, and 2005 (with 9)
  • The last time parts of the Texas coast were under a Hurricane Watch or Warning was 3,267 days ago, or 9 years ago in 2008 for Hurricane Ike.
  • Only 4 hurricane landfalls in TX this century, so far. None since Ike in Sep. ’08.
  • Last category 3 landfall on the U.S.: Hurricane Wilma 2005
  • Last category 4 landfall on the U.S.: Hurricane Charley 2004
  • Last category 4 landfall on the coastal bend of Texas? Hurricane Carla 1961
  • Last category 4 hurricane to make landfall anywhere in Texas was Bret back in 1999.  Only 7 cat 4-5 hurricanes on record going back to the 1800s have made landfall in Texas.

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