This Week in Weather 8/5/17-8/11/17

New week, new weather records being broken. Take a look at the most interesting weather tidbits from the week!

  • Cincinnati, OH: High of 72°F on Sunday, August 6 was a cool day for early August. Only 5 days in the past 50 years have been cooler than that in first 6 days of August!
  • Sioux Falls, SD: High temperatures over the first 6 days of August have been in the top 10 coldest on record to start the month
  • Down goes a 116 year old record! Hastings, NE set new August 6th record for coolest maximum (high) temperature by only reaching 70, previous record was 71 in 1911
  • More rain in 3 hours than last 3 months: San Antonio, TX received 2.6″ of rain in the span of 3 hours on Monday, August 7. They saw more rain in those 3 hours than last 3 months (May-July).
  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL received 3.43″ of rain on Thursday, August 10. This edges out the previous daily record of 3.35″ set in 2003. It’s now the 6th wettest August calendar day on record.
  • August is running 1.7 degrees F below average so far.
  • It’s the 2nd coldest start to August on record for Kansas City and Hastings, NE.
  • A total of 5.73″ of rain fell in Montgomery, AL on Thursday making it the 2nd wettest August day on record and the 15th wettest day overall.

Tell me what sort of weather you experienced this week below!

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  1. Here in S.E. La, with temps in the high 80’s & humidity at the high 70’s-low 80’s, it sure doesn’t FEEL like August is below average..!!

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