This Week in Weather 7/22/17-7/28/17

If we could summarize this week in a few phrases, it’d be heat, rain, and more heat. Check out some of the most interesting weather facts from across the country this week below!

  • St. Louis, MO: 108° Saturday, July 22 ties 5th hottest temperature all-time.
  • With .66″ of precipitation Saturday, July 22, Chicago, IL is now at 28.99″ for the year and making it the 2nd wettest January 1st to July 22nd period on record.
  • Between 6 and 7 pm Sunday, July 23, Harrisburg Int’l Airport, PA picked up a whopping 4.27″ of rain in just one hour. This one hour alone, would be the 11 wettest day on record for the city. It was also the highest non tropical rainfall event for the city.
  • Philadelphia, PA broke a record standing 59 years! They received 2.46″ of rain Monday, July 24 beating the old daily record of 1.45″ set back in 1958.
  • Washington, DC: Saturday and Sunday (July 22 and 23) were the wettest consecutive days in DC since June 2015. 2.37 inches fell — 0.98 on Saturday and 1.39 Sunday.
  • Austin, TX: Tallying up the 100-degree days- 17 100° days this month with more to come. 10 year rolling average for 100° days in July now 13. 17 of 23 days have been 100°+ this month. Note this stat is as of Saturday, July 22.
  • Salt Lake City, UT has had 23 days at/above 95° (all in July) which is now the longest stretch, beating out 21 days (2016).

Did you have any encounters with crazy weather this week? Let us know below!

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